For its ninth gathering in Norway, Cook It Raw looks back at its own journey. Our invited chefs will be paired with local chefs into nine teams – each representing a past Cook It Raw gathering. Each team will investigate the flavours, techniques and ingredients of Norway to create a final dish that reinterprets a past edition.

Fishing for langoustines
Together with local fish- ermen we go out to find the amazing Langoust- ines. In the cold water of the coast of Trøndelag the langoustines are bigger and with a deep concen- tration of flavour. Fun fact - langoustines love the smell of rotting fish!

Diving for scallops and sea urchines
The best scallops are easily picked by hand - under the surface that is. We went out diving for the biggest shells and the green sea urchins. With an umbilical cord, a kind of hose that supplies you with air, we were safe guarded by the others still lingering over our heads. A near womb-like experience, if it had not been for the four-degree water! We didn’t find any green sea urchins, just a bunch of red ones.

Picking mussles on the beach
When the tide is low, these sweets are ripe for picking. The small taste bombs that is called Heart Shells on native tongue, are only a small dig and a rake away.

Slaughtering Lamb
Almost like a religious ritual, perhaps pagan, the sheep, a old Norwegian breed, was brought forward to its end of days. The sound of the boltpistol, and the noise of the death cramps was all that was heard. The group fell silent; they gave their respect to the life that ended.

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