André Chiang

Andre moved back to Singapore after a roundtrip of working at the best restaurants in France, studying under the masters of “Nouvelle Cuisine” - Pierre Gagnaire ***, L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon**, and L’Astrance*** in Paris; La Maison Troisgros*** in Roanne, and Le Jardin des Sens* in Montpellier. At Andre in Singapore he applies his own trademarked «ochtaphilosophy» to the ingredents brought in everyday from his suppliers. There is no acceptance for anything less than great, and there is no coincidences. His smile, his posture, his knowledge and conduct has given him a great group of chef friends, of supporters and of big fans all over the world. His restaurant ranks as number three on «50 best restaurant in Asia».
Heidi Bjerkan

Heidi Bjerkan started restaurant Credo eighteen years ago. After a five years in Trondheim, she became the head chef for the royal familiy, heading up the kitchens in the royal palace. Eight years later she is back at Credo, bringing the restaurant to the next level, running it in a way that bringes awe in both her guests and her team. She has two farms doing the ground work of growing and producing all the ingredients for her culinary creations. A chef among chefs, her Credo is ranked as top 4 of restaurants in Norway.
Mikael Svensson

Kontrast opened three years ago as a restaurant in a hotel. It didn`t take long before this place was the talk of the town. Now Svensson has moved his venture to Vulkan, Oslos new food destination. At Kontrast it is the produce that plays the main fiddle, and he plans ahead with his suppliers, who are stars of their own. Kontrast is new Norwegian cuisine, and Mikael is pushing everyday to be a little better.
Torsten Vildegaard

A tall man of classic danish calm stature, Torsten Vildegaard shares his ideas with all who wants to hear. Known for his post at the five time best in the world restaurant NOMA, according to Restaurant magazine, as both sous-chef and head of R&D. In 2015, the year after he opened Studio where he now is chef and co-owner, he was named the chef of chefs in denmark.
Tim Raue

Tim Raue is an entrepreneur of the rare, even in this field. He has opened one successfull venture after another, now running a total of five different businsses in Berlin. The city hasn’t been well known for its gourmet cuisine until the last couple of years, and Tim is one of the big contributors to this new and acknowledged food scene. His Tim Raue, the restaurant he runs together with is wife, has earned two michelin stars, and is placed at number 34 on the “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list.
Titti Quarnstrom

The first female chef in Sweden to be awarded one star in the Michelin guide, Tittis restaurant Bloom in the park was recognized the best restaurant in Sweden in 2015. She did her training in Denmark and had a position at Weinbar Rutz in Berlin, before coming back to her beloved southern part of Sweden, where the nature is the major source of inspiration for her culinary creations.
Monika Berg

Monika Berg is one of the leading mixologists coming out of Scandinavia. Her current project, Himkok, is a unique distillery bar in Oslo, which was shortlisted for best new international cocktail bar at Spirited Awards 2016, and has newly been included in Worlds 50 Best Bars. Here she oversees the bar and spirits program, as well as distill her own seasonal aquavit. Monika is one of the founders of the organisation P(OUR) together with Alex Kratena.
Alex Kratena

Alex travels the globe developing new products, cocktails and marketing strategies for some of the most recognized brands in the industry. He has been featured in Creators list 2016 as one of the 40 most influential individuals shaping the future of the global bar industry. He is former head bartender of Artesian in London, where he has led his team to win multiple UK and international awards. In October 2015 Artesian was recognized as number one in the World’s 50 Best Bar Awards by Drinks International, for the fourth consecutive year. Alex is the founder of P(OUR) together with Monika Berg.
Syrco Bakker

Bakker started out as a humble dishwasher, but he quickly became one of the kitchen staff at Landgoed De Rosep. He travelled Europe, working under well known chefs like Jonnie Bar and Gordon Ramsay before he found Oude Sluis and Sergio Herman. here he felt like home, and took in the style, and the way of thinking, and developed his own culinary master mind. In 2010 he opened Pure C, and keep rasing the bar as head chef, running his team of 18 into new standards and new creations. s given him a great group of chef friends, of supporters and of big fans all over the world. His restaurant ranks as number three on «50 best restaurant in Asia».
Magnus Ek

Together with his wife, Agneta Green, he runs Oaxen krog og slip at Djurgården in Stockholm. The previously had the Oaxen, at the island with the same name, out in the stockholm archepelagio. Five years on the 50 best restaurant list, and named the best restaurant of sweden in the white guide. Magnus uses the wild herb of Djurgården, and choose the among the best ingridients from the neighbouring countries to develop his culinary style based on sustainable agriculture paired with old, traditional techniques, all applied in modern cook
Edouardo Jordan

It was his mother and his grandmother that forced Eduoardo into the kitchen, telling him cooking would make him a better man and a more artistic person. After a small detour in business and sport at college, he came back to the kitchen. After a round of working at French Laundry, Per Se and Lincoln Ristorante, he took some time off to study the art of salumi making in Parma, Italy. Now Edouardo is running Salare, a restaurant inspired by french, italian and south american cuisine, free of the hubbubs of the classic fine dining restaura
Benito Molina

After a culinary awakening starting with his grandmother, he went to culinary school and had internships that lead him to Bretagne, studying the classic french art of preparing the best sea food from the Atlantic Ocean. After a bumpy ride of leading restaurants in Mexico City, he was head hunted to lead the mexican winemaker Hugo D’acostas new La Embotelladora Vieja in Ensenada, Baja California. Benito lead the kitchen to high praises and grand prizes. Here he met his wife, also a chef, and together they opened Manzanilla. The restaurant specializes in sustainable local products, producing their own wine and olives. Benito is also a judge in the mexican version of MasterChef, a tv-show that has 12 million viewers every sunday.
Sven Erik Renaa

After a stay at legendary Park Avenue Café with chef David Burke, he went back to Oslo to work at Oro as head chef with the Bocuse d’Or winner Terje Ness. They were awarded a Michelin star before he went on to Stavanger to head the norwegian culinary team.  He started restaurant Renaa, his current culinary endavour in Stavanger,  in 2009, and have since worked hard on his own creations. His hard work at Renaa was aknowleded with a star in 2016.
Bo And Lan

Duangporn Songvisava and Dylan Jones started Bo.lan. They met in London, Dylan Jones working at David Thompsons Nahm and Bo working in the kitchen of The Halkin.  The name Bo.lan comes from Chef Duangporn’s nickname Bo and the second half of Dylan’s name Lan. It is also a play on the Thai word for vintage or ancient, which sounds the same but is spelt slightly different. Bo.lan prides itself at working closely with local farmers and having a social responsibility to the local community. They advocate the use of bio diversified produce and this is reflected in the ever-changing menu. Bo and Dylan is trying to lessen its environmental impact with the goal of achieving a zero carbon restaurant by 2018.
Albert Adria

Even though his parents was interested, to the level of classic nerdism, in all that had to do with cooking, it was is brother that introduced him to the passion of the craft. In 1985 he left school to join the staff of elBulli where he soon starts changing how the world looks at desserts and pastry. Together with his brother he turns elBulli into an ever changing seasonable restaurant, almost like fashion. ElBulli is ranked the worlds best restaurant for four consecutive years. In 2009 he opens Tickets, which is awarded with a Michelin star in 2013. He continues to open up groundbreaking restaurants, and gets awards for his works continuesly. Tickets is now ranked at 29th place on the 50 best restaurant list. Albert’s latest evolution of his 41st experiment has led to the newly opened Enigma, an experience for all senses. 
Connie DeSousa and John Jackson

Connie DeSousa and John Jackson are co-chefs for life. They met very early in their careers and knew immediately that they shared the same culinary vision. As they went their separate ways to discover their culinary superpowers, Connie moved to Germany, while John studied sausage-making in Marche in Italy and later landed in St.Regis Hotel in San Francisco. DeSousa and Jackson opened their  first venture side-by-side in 2010, CHARCUT Roast House where they pride themselves in bringing an evolved, but simple approach to dining in the truest Canadian farm-to-table fashion. Jackson and DeSousa are actively involved in their community, supporting the local Canadian food culture, while continuing to support other restauranteurs, local farmers and artisan producers.
Christopher Haatuft

There is no way you can come from Bergen and not be patriotic. This is something you will understand when seated at lysverket, tasting the elegant yet sturdy food served to you. Christopher is not any different than other Bergenese, he is maybe one of the few that takes it all up another notch, with his deep admiration for everything that grows and lives in his neighborhood, thus creating his twist on all things new nordic, with his neofjordic cuisine. All of this is presented in his elegant restaurant room, situated in Bergen’s museum for modern arts. Christopher, exept for beeing mainly autodidact, has had his tour around well-known establishments sutch as Per Se and Blue Hill farm.

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