Jon Frederik Skauge

Jon Fredrik, a defender of tradition, a knight of old metods, both in his butter and sour cream making as well as in his needlework.

Jon Fredrik has seven cows, the same type of bovinae kept in this area before the more productive NRF (Norwegian red cow) came along. Sidet Trønder has no English name, but if you imagine a cow smaller than a modern cow almost of the size of an overgrown Grand Danoise only stockier, you’re on the right track. These cows, selected in the early modernisation of agriculture don’t produce the average 10000 liters of milk as the NRF, they produce more in the lower four digit numbers. For Jon Fredrik that isn’t a problem, “It’s not the quantity we are looking for” he says with a smile.


Back to the butter - shaped as an object of desire, it is placed in the middle of the table as something to worship. Butter has always been the center of attention, it’s golden colour reflecting it’s value, the value of milk fat. For many years, butter was the main (and sometimes only) income for farmers, they sold the butter and kept the skimmed milk and the buttermilk for their own use.

Jon Fredrik delivers most of his milk to Restaurant Credo, the rest he keeps for his guests as his farm has quite a few visitors interested in traditional crafts and farming. His house, kept the way his grandparents had it, and could easily surpass the amount of memorabilia in a national museum of a mid-sized country.


Aside from the sida trønder for his milk, sour cream and butter production, Jon Fredrik also has hens for eggs, and horses for leisure. You can visit him and sample all of his wares and also to buy traditional craft products in his quaint shop. The butter alone is worth the trip. But to really get the very best taste of Jon Fredriks butter, you need to do another stop on your journey and visit restaurant Credo to taste Fannrems butter on Heidi Bjerkans potato cake!

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