Norway is a country where farms have survived and flourished through thirteen generations, the ancient ways passed down and still used in daily life. The history and lineage of the country and its people is known and lived every day, folded seamlessly into the demands of our modern world, coexisting without tumult. Norway is on the threshold of moving into the future, realizing the fossile energy business is dying, slowly. Now is the time to develop sustainable solutions for the future, based on the renewable natural resources. Innovation built on old knowledge will be key for developing new ways of food production.

Storfosna, a populated island in the municipality of Ørland
in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway.

Storfosna has always been of importance. As the biggest port in the area in the 1300’s, it brimmed with sailing wessels - exporting fish, seafood, and grains. Out here kings and queens spent their holidays, many even lived here for long periods. It’s welth comes from the fish, from the silver of the sea. Storfosna has been a centre of power since the first people, and it will be great once again. In this magnificent spot, we will endeavour into the ocean and the big fields.

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